Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

Damn, I wish I was stronger in my opinions. I think you may have
convinced me that a meta button is a good thing again. not sure..

There may be legal issues too, don't want to be too much like itunes.

I was wrong about saying that burning and ripping and playlist should be
doable from all sources - not that they shouldn't be - but it's totally
irelivant because they can still be in the menus whether or not a meta
button is there.

> Here I must strongly disagree.  I use iTunes every day, as do several 
> friends, and we all find the toggle button infinitely useful.  When you 
> want to find a genre, toggle,the browser pops down, select, use.  When 
> you're done, toggle it up to save a LOT of screen real estate.

Yeah, I was wrong

> There is this great new invention known as an "icon."  A visual, iconic 
> representation of an action.  Try it, its useful.  In library mode, an 
> eye, to bring down the browser (toggle).  In playlist mode, a burning 
> CD.  In CD mode, an import button (something with a music note and an 
> arrow, maybe.

Yeah, makes sense, We can't use text, but an Icon may work if we can
find ones that are easy to understand. But there is still the problem of
having the same button change from an action button to a toggle button
when you change views.

> Why?  The library is meant to store all your songs in whatever sort 
> order they go in.  Playlist is meant to hold a subset in whatever order 
> you drag them into.  What happens when I hit burn on my 40 hr library? 

if (selection > the capacity of a cdr)

> How do I choose which songs I want, and which order?  That is why 
> playlists are usefeul.  If you want to burn from library, you can still 
> use a menu item or keybinding, but we don't need to encourage it, since 
> 97.4% of people will probably never do it.

I'm against it being in the library ui - but i see no reason why it
shouldn't be possible, expecially if we want to allow burning mp3 cds.
It would be particulary useful when right clicking on an album. At the
same time we don't to litter the ui with burning stuff as it is not that
common a task and not everyone has a burner.

> No, you don't.  Use a keybinding or a menu item.  But it is very logical 
> to click CD and click burn.

If you mean "click on a cd and click rip" then i agree

> > The only issue remaining is those checkboxes.
> I know people are worried about gnomishness, and rightly so, but if 
> gnome only allows for one big set of buttons on the top toolbar, that 
> seems a bit inflexible for real-world concerns.  The Apple method of 
> having toggle buttons on the bottom makes sense here as well.  16x16 
> buttons with arrows going different ways to signify repear, shuffle, 
> etc.  Also a plus box to add a playlist, if you want it.  As long as 
> they can be shown to be toggled on and off, they work well...I don't 
> feel the need to have a big label telling me I'm shuffling, once I've 
> used the program for a little while I'll figure it out, specially when I 
> use the menu option to shuffle and the button darkens.

Hmm, I do like the idea of an "Add playlist button". IMHO this is a lot
more commonly used than a lot of the other stuff we've agreed to put in
the ui.

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