Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] YAUP

On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 23:03, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> tis 2003-05-13 klockan 10.29 skrev James Kahn:
> > - Shots have both text and no text for meta-button
> With text is not going to work :/ But.. well.. like I said before I
> think it's a) a confusing place for a burn button (what does it burn..)
> b) not so commonly used that we need it in the main ui.

I think it's purpose as a burn button in playlist mode is pretty clear. 
How about if it is changed to a Show Browser button in the Library view,
like Danny suggested?

Library -> Show Browser
Playlist -> Burn
CD -> Rip

Burn might not seem so important to people without a CD burner, but I
think it is important to have it at that spot if it's going to be "Rip"
in the CD view.  Burn is to Playlists what Rip is to CDs.  It's the
whole moving your music around deal.

> > - No show browser toggle.  This should be in a menu as it only makes
> > sense in the library view.  IMHO UI consistency is important.
> I think being able to access very commonly used things easily is much
> more important than consistency.. plus, an expander arrow makes a whole
> lot of sense since you're really expanding things

See above.  I like the expander arrow much better than the checkbox, but
dislike the fact that the control would disappear when moving between

Oh, the UI I hacked from yours has the ability to hide the
shuffle/repeat/search area when altering the size of the song view below
- that isn't intentional.

> > - Shuffle and Repeat are both toggle buttons.  The ability for repeat to
> > affect one/all should be a pref.
> pref for that.. that's gonna be confusing and bad.

Yeah.  I must've been high or something (not sure how that would

> Apart from that.. it looks really cool I have to say ;) What theme is
> that btw?

I'm glad you like it - I haven't had any feedback from anyone else.  It
sounded like the main things you didn't like were my "assumed
behaviour", and the meta button.

The theme is a meta-theme called SphereCrystal.  I love it =).


James Kahn <>

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