[Rhythmbox-devel] another mockup

Hi people,

since the discussion isn't heated enough anymore, you get my idea of how
things should work.

Some explanations:
- Shuffle, repeat and volume IMO are preferences. You are not very likely
to change them. Therefore I've moved them into the statusbar. (There is no
working statusbar in glade, so I mocked around a bit) They should look
like the security level indicator in Galeon, but should be clickable for
easy access. I added two buttons to disable the artist/album view
(disabled for my mockup) and the library list to the left. Don't know if
that's useful there or should be in the preferences, but while I was at
- I don't like the album/artist view at all, because it just duplicates
stuff the search entry does for me, so I want it disablable. That's why
it's gone in my mockup.
- I prefer a rather large slider for the song position because large
sliders make seeking more accurate. I changed it accordingly.
- I didn't know where to put the action button, so I left it out. (Is it
even used in current rb?)
- The mockup for the volume information looks pretty weird, but I needed a
quick idea to demonstrate how it should work.

So the layout is divided into 4 parts:
1) The toolbar, which gives you the key features you want to use most.
2) The list(s), which are as big as possible and probably need the
secondmost attention.
3) The statusbar for visualizing preferences/information. That it allows
easy editing of preferences is a bonus. It can be turned off.
4) The menu, which does everything else.

So, there's my idea.


another mockup

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