Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Newer Mockup

Il sab, 2003-05-10 alle 12:28, James Kahn ha scritto:
> > Well it's only my opinion but i REALLY love this bevel. But I also
> > think it serves a very important usability purpose. It divides up the
> > toolbar area into three areas making it much easier to get "a feel"
> > for how rhythmbox works. So yeah, I've left it in in my mockup.
> I like the look of the bevel.  I think it's more important for a music
> player to be sexy than to fit in with the rest of the environment's
> applications like a word processor should.

Yeah, but we should use 

> A couple of other things:
> - How about some kind of progress bar along the bottom to monitor the
> progress of loading the library, buffering internet radio streams, etc?

Put a "Loading the Library" string in bottom line (status infos)?

> - I think it is important to have an image labelling the function of the
> volume control.  My first thought was "why are there two seek bars?",

Me too. 

Think bigger

			My uncle

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