Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] audiocd view in (net)rhythmbox

> Well, code is dying, yes, but it's so far code that needed to be killed,
> like all the view stuff, and I also killed some of the extra crack I had
> in my statusbar.

Yeah that stuff rock - but what I was talking about was that if you don't
the trees now it will become impossible to merge them and then evantually
one will win and one will die.

> > I experimented with some ideas on
> Ok.  I think the last one is kind of OK, but I don't like the others at
> all.  I agree that the current UI is a bit cluttered, but I also do
> really like the search thingy.  After all it's one of the great
> strengths of a Rhythmbox-like approach to managing your music where
> stuff like xmms just sucks.

Agreed - it has to be in there it's just hard to work out where. I have
no really strong opinion which is why i did up the mockups. I like the
simplicity of the first ones but think that the last one is probably the
best way to go in parctice. It's certainly an improvment
on the current inneficient layout.

Good Luck


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