Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] State Of The Rhythmbox

Christophe Fergeau a écrit :

 > Nice investigation.
 > I downgraded gtktreemodelsort.c on my gtk 2.2 cvs version, and I don't
 > seem to get the problem anymore. I only reverted this patch:
 > Hope that helps,

I had a look at the modif and this old version was simplier, it removed 
the row updated before computing the insert position so there was no 
problem finding the correct position. But reverting back is not the 
solution since this patch was applied for efficiency reason.

I am currently trying to figure out why the skip_index is not correctly 
computed but it's a bit hard since I am new to gtk.

I was wondering if the fact that eggtreemodelfilter uses user_data and 
user_data2 fields of GtkTreeIter could be responsible of the problem 
ince these fields are used to compute the skip_index.
I don't understand enough the tree model internal logic so maybe I am 
saying nonsense.


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