Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] State Of The Rhythmbox

> There are definitely some important bugs remaining to be fixed.  Off the
> top of my head:
> * Figuring out why songs sometimes jump around on play

I tried to investigate this problem a bit and this problem only occurs 
for me where one columns is in sorting mode.
Did some debugging and found a problem in 
gtk_tree_model_sort_row_changed (so in gtk itself).
When we dble-click on a song, the corresponding row is updated, so 
gtk_tree_model_sort_row_changed is fired, it tries to find where to 
insert the updated row (calling gtk_tree_model_sort_level_find_insert).
If you have 4 songs with track numbers 1 2 4 10 and you dbl-click on the 
first song, it looks for where to insert a song with track number 1 and 
it finds position 2 (!!) which would be ok if it was a new row to add 
but not in our case. The result: 2 1 4 10

I had a look at gtk_tree_model_sort_level_find_insert and in fact this 
function should do its job because it compute a skip_index to take in 
account the already present row, but this skip_index is always totally 
wrong (ie 65142 instead of 0), I changed it at runtime and everything 
was fine.

Well I can't figure out yet why this index is not correctly computed but 
  I hope theses explanations can help someone.


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