Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] cover art

That certainly looks like a real elegant solution, but I don't see why
we need a different app. It would be great to allow RB users to "save"
albums with they covers on the filesystem.

El s?, 12-07-2003 a las 15:55, Sam Clegg escribió:
> I know its come up on this list before but cover art support for
> rythmbox would make a big difference to many peoples experience.
> Have you guys seen clutter?
> Mac OSX users have something special there.  You can arrange and
> resize your favourite album covers all across your desktop and
> trigger playback by selecting them.  Fantastic.
> I'm planning on writing a python/gtk2 version using the
> SOAP API to pull down album covers.  Would be great if
> rb, nautilus and my python/gtk2 app could all share a common
> location for such images.
> Also, I'm hoping that bonobo support isn't dropped so I can
> use it to communicate with rb.
> sam
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