[Rhythmbox-devel] Partnership

I feel compelled to write and request your assistance.
Please, kindly excuse my intrusion into your private
business. I got your contact through a Business
Directory in my effort to get a foreign partner whom
I can entrust with my family investment,while i was
in the recreational centre at the refugee camp in
the Netherlands.

My name is Kabungo M.Paul Jnr. the eldest son of Hon.
Kabungo Makinde Paul,former minister of finance in
Liberia. The junta Chales Taylor assassinated my father
when he dethrone President,  Samuel Doe, which
subsequently led to outbreak of war in my country.

The perennial war in the country forced me and my
Family into exile in various countries. After the
Death of my father, we discovered among my father?s
Documents that he deposited some funds totaling Twenty
-fivemillion Five hundred Thousand United State Dollars
(US$25. 500.000.00) with a private security company in
Netherlands. I am now under political asylum in the
Netherlands while my mother and my siblings are in
Hideout in Dakar Senegal.

My mother advised me to search for a reliable business
oriented person who can help us invest these funds. We
have proposed 20% to you for your assistance while 5%
is set aside for any possible contigencies. Modality
has been work out to the highest level to move these
Funds out of Africa as soon as you signify your
interest to help us invest the balance 75% into a
viable business in your country.

The assistance we are soliciting from you is to help
us receive and invest the money why my family will
join you in your Country as soon as we achieved our
desired goal. I will appreciate it if you could write
me to enable us discuss further on the whole issue
raised herein. These burdens appeared enormous for me
due to my ignorance in the business industry and
coupled with my present social status.

Sir, I am eagerly anticipating your swift response.

Kabungo M.Paul Jnr.


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