Re: [Fwd: Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Yet another user interfaceproposal]

Il mar, 2003-02-04 alle 20:28, Jakub Steiner ha scritto:
> I forgot to be explicit that this all could make seeking possible. This
> would make Rhythmbox into sometihng like a tiVo for i-radios. You could
> go back a few tracks, seek withing them etc. 

So, if I'm right, you can see an i-radio station as a "virtual source",
or a particular way to share music files.

You could list streamed songs from connection to now, play previous
while "downloading" the current, and import in Library. 

Cool. Really cool.

.... mmmhhh... mmhh.... so we can use the list in the main window as
streamed songs list, and an external dialog to connect/manage stations.

Well, could do it: probably now monkey-media fails on it....

Think bigger

			My uncle

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