Re: [Fwd: Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Yet another user interface proposal]

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 19:05, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 14:28, Jakub Steiner wrote:
> > I forgot to be explicit that this all could make seeking possible. This
> > would make Rhythmbox into sometihng like a tiVo for i-radios. You could
> > go back a few tracks, seek withing them etc. 
> Yes, I can see how that would be pretty cool.  I estimate that it would
> be about 40-50 hours total worth of work for someone working in their
> spare time who was knowledgeable about the rb, mm, and GStreamer
> codebases.
> I personally can't do that right now, but I'd love to see someone tackle
> it!
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I think that this would be a great idea.  I actually mentioned the idea
in December during the discussion about whether iradio belonged in

I figured people just didn't like the idea.  I probably won't have time
to work on this anytime soon, but it isn't too hard.  I'm attaching a
patch to streamripper that makes it work with xmms.  It still needs to
be launched from the command line, but the pause and skip buttons in
xmms work just like normal.  I have buttons on my remote set up to start
and stop streamripper, so this isn't really a problem for me.  

Just run 
streamripper -x

the songs are added to the end of the xmms playlist.  It seems to work
well except that on the modem stream it seems to have trouble finding
the silence.  I guess no one ever had a reason to rip a low bandwidth
stream before.   Obviously if this is added to rhythmbox it needs a nice
UI, but it does work.  

The other possible problem is that there hasn't been a release of
streamripper for unix recently.  I'm not sure if the author is
supporting unix anymore.  

Andy Hanton <>

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