[Rhythmbox-devel] For claiming, 2 Rhythmbox bounties

Since these are all the rage these days. I am offering 2 bounties for 
features to Rhythmbox.

The first is adaptive type listening to rb. Currently I'm using an xmms 
plugin, IMMS, to accomplish this. 

I'll pay $50 for this feature. Since I've been playing with IMMS and the 
author claims it's easy to port to other players then that would be 
preferred solution.

The second bounty is for iPod integration into rhythmbox. I'll pay $100 
for feature parity with Mac/Windows.

I know it's not much money but hey, I'm just one guy, I just _know_ 
there are some ipod lovers out there that should be chipping in, 
*cough*. I also know someone is probably working on some of these. If 
you already are then just think of this as a reward. All features must 
be accepted upstream in someway, unless it doesn't belong there. (ie. 
you make it somekind of plugin, but maintained so it doesn't break the 
next version or whatever)


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