Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Album art in rhythmbox?

Aren't there legal issues surrounding mp3s, period? ;)

Anyway, album art can and is usually in the id3 tag.. iTunes displays 
them as well as MusicMatch. I kind of like that and would like to see it 
in RB as well.


Sindre Pedersen Bjordal wrote:
> My parents got themselves a computer for christmas this year, running 
> windows. and I sat down on it and listened to some music using the 
> windows media player, I noticed that the windows media player displays 
> the album cover if available. My first thought was that this was a nice 
> feature, then I thought, why doesn't my favorite music management 
> program have this feature?
> Is this feature even possible to include in rhythmbox? Are there legal 
> issues? Do we really want this feature?

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