Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] For claiming, 2 Rhythmbox bounties

On Wednesday 24 December 2003 07:37 am, jorge o. castro wrote:

> The second bounty is for iPod integration into rhythmbox. I'll pay $100
> for feature parity with Mac/Windows.

He, I actually hacked a bit on that 1 week ago before leaving for holidays ;)
There's some code available at in the archive, rhythmbox--mainline--0.7 branch. It's a pita to 
get it to work though. For now, it can parse the iPod database and merge it 
with the main library display, and play files from the iPod. It doesn't 
handle plugging/unplugging of the iPod properly at the moment, that's the 
next thing I want to get to work. 
I won't be able to hack on that until next year, people wanting to hack on it 
are welcome ;) I didn't start hacking on that for money though, and wouldn't 
like much if someone "stole" this code and rushed hacking on it only because 
of the $100 bounty.

Merry christmas to everyone (yeah it's gone, but I just got my net access 



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