Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] Show window when not visible

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 19:55, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Right now I would suggest that rb use the notification area in the way 
> that is most directly useful rather than worrying what the guidelines 
> will or won't be.

Ok.  I do hope that some sort of strong consensus emerges eventually.

> I think people's fear (certainely  mine) is that this will turn into the 
> dumping ground that is the windows notification area. 


> Now, that said, having an icon that hides and shows the rb window is not 
> an appropriate use of the notification area whether it gets dedicated to 
> notification or opened up to simple controls. This is a job for the 
> window list or something like that and the hiding of windows in this 
> style is odd and potentially very confusing. Additionally I don't even 
> think its the best use of the area.

Completely agreed.

> I would suggest having left clicking on the rb notification icon pop up 
> a small 'menu' that includes the current song title, pause/play, next, 
> previous, and something to show the main rb interface (but don't ever 
> hide it in all workspaces... So no "hide" button, just switch to rb's 
> workspace and bring it to top). 

Implemented in CVS now, thanks for the suggestions!

> I'll save justifications for later since 
> my cell phone's moving out of range ;-)


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