Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] add icon to nautilus context menu

On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 12:32, wrote:

> Hey, you named that thing to go to places. You even know names of parts of it. 
> Don't you think that is asking a bit much of Joe User?
> </sarcasm>
> Really, you know that your car is a Ford (or whatever) and that your mp3 
> portable is an iPod. I think it's reasonable to name things if you make sure to 
> tell people what it does.
> This has nothing to do with marketing, but with recognition.

Sure, but we were making an analogy with the engine parts.  Let me
explicitly lay out the analogy:

Computer <=> Car
Dashboard <=> Operating System
Car stereo <=> Music player

Most people do not think of their car stereo by a particular brand
name.  They only think of it as the car stereo.

> 1) There are loads of competing products, the most serious contender (sp?) at 
> this point being XMMS.

xmms is currently what people use because there's no other released
music player for GNOME.  xmms doesn't really integrate with GNOME in any
meaningful way, nor do they have plans to.

> 2) We name thins thing "music player", not "music player for gnome", which is a 
> subtle but important difference.

Well, we call it Rhythmbox amongst ourselves.  But we're a tiny tiny
percentage of the end users we hope to capture.  And Rhythmbox has
always been designed for GNOME.

> And you skipped the most important thing: Why do we use the name "Rhythmbox" at 
> all if there is no need for names?

There is a need for names.  I am happy to call it Rhythmbox among
developers and technical users.  And the web site advertises it as
"Rhythmbox", as it should, because the web site is targeting people who
know how to download software and compile it.  But the normal end users
should just see it as part of their computer, just like how you refer to
"my car stereo" and not "my JVC 1049" or something.

On another note though, I do think that most people could be satisfied
with some changes to the menu system.  We can include both a "purpose
name" (Music Player) and a "brand name" (Rhythmbox) in the .desktop
file; I think there is some support for this now.  If multiple things
are installed that have the same "purpose name", then the "brand name"
is prepended.

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