Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] add icon to nautilus context menu

On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 10:54, wrote:

> They shouldn't learn a fancy brand name, they should learn the name of the 
> thing they use, so they can easily describe it. 

By that logic though, people should also learn the difference between a
CPU, a motherboard, and a hard disk.  But we shouldn't expect people
to.  I certainly don't know the names of all the stuff that's inside my
car engine.  To me it's just the "engine".

> People invent names for all 
> kinds of things to make describing them easier. You're not the "bugfixing guy", 
> you're Luis whenever I talk with/about you, even though knowing the first thing 
> is much more important.
> Oh, and I bet your family can easily remember what iTunes is. It's not "the 
> music player on my mac", it's iTunes.

That's probably more because Apple has a multi-million dollar marketing
department who can grind these brand names into the consumer
consciousness.  Rhythmbox has no such thing, as much as I wish it did :)

> Let me list the main reasons why I think $generic_discription instead of $name 
> sucks:
> - No differentiation between competing products. I'll never know how to help my 
> friend who couldn't figure out why adding to the music library didn't work. 
> Maybe because of a bug in zinf? Maybe it's a konqueror issue?

But Rhythmbox has no directly competing products.  As far as I know we
are THE music player for GNOME.  Both zinf and konqueror are not
designed for GNOME.

> This is really not so easy. It might be reasonably easy for a distribution to 
> only ship 1 music player, but it's not THE music player for the rest of the 
> world. And I'm more concerned with the rest of the world.

To me, the world is GNOME.  Supporting things outside it is cool, but
it's a secondary goal.

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