Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] add icon to nautilus context menu

Quoting Colin Walters <>:

> By that logic though, people should also learn the difference between a
> CPU, a motherboard, and a hard disk.  But we shouldn't expect people
> to.  I certainly don't know the names of all the stuff that's inside my
> car engine.  To me it's just the "engine".
Hey, you named that thing to go to places. You even know names of parts of it. 
Don't you think that is asking a bit much of Joe User?
Really, you know that your car is a Ford (or whatever) and that your mp3 
portable is an iPod. I think it's reasonable to name things if you make sure to 
tell people what it does.
This has nothing to do with marketing, but with recognition.

> But Rhythmbox has no directly competing products.  As far as I know we
> are THE music player for GNOME.  Both zinf and konqueror are not
> designed for GNOME.
Two points:
1) There are loads of competing products, the most serious contender (sp?) at 
this point being XMMS.
2) We name thins thing "music player", not "music player for gnome", which is a 
subtle but important difference.

And you skipped the most important thing: Why do we use the name "Rhythmbox" at 
all if there is no need for names?


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