Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] add icon to nautilus context menu wrote:
> Two points:
> 1) There are loads of competing products, the most serious contender (sp?) at 
> this point being XMMS.
> 2) We name thins thing "music player", not "music player for gnome", which is a 
> subtle but important difference.
> And you skipped the most important thing: Why do we use the name "Rhythmbox" at 
> all if there is no need for names?

This horse may be well flogged by now, but...

It seems to me that this started as a discussion of the text to use for 
a menu action.  That action is to add a song to a collection of songs. 
It happens that this action is implemented using rhythmbox.  The general 
user doesn't care about implementation details.

Another way to look at it is that "Add song to Rhythmbox" or "Add song 
to [application]" makes no sense.  Is an application a list of songs? 
So I think we should drop the "player" from the current label and make 
it "Add to music library".

I actually think that the term library is a bit too overloaded when used 
in a computer context.  Perhaps "Add to music collection" is better. 
But I suppose we are sticking with the iTunes terminology.

Then there is the question of what this action does.  Would the user 
expect that the song will be copied into their music collection directory?

What should happen when the user selects a .m3u file?  Should we offer 
"Add to music library" or "Add playlist" ?


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