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The last version I used was net-rb 0.4.8. I stopped using it and went
back to XMMS when I discovered that it wouldn't load my FLAC files.

Upon trying, I'm very pleased to find FLAC working, although it
doesn't import tag info, so about half of my collection is all under
Untitled in the browser. Very annoying. (But still more useful than

Another FLAC related bit is that in the properties, RB claims that my
FLAC file has "Very Low" quality. Pretty sure that's incorrect. =P 
It also claims that it's a  64kbps FLAC.... XMMS reports more like

I'm also pleased to see the interface being touched up. Looks nicer and
is more usable. I can't resize columns, which annoys me (especially
considering the fact that the Title field on most of my songs is huge,
thanks to the lack of FLAC tag-reading). 

I'm also annoyed by the two-click DnD thing, but I believe that's been
fixed in CVS.

RB also seems a little slow. Scrolling through playlists is somewhat

Clicking on the rating stars does some really weird graphical bugginess.
Let me try to get a screenshot of it. Yay. (Warning, a naughty word is
present.) (Another warning: This is my personal machine, as the system
I usually use for such things seems to be down. Be gentle.)


This happens whenever I click on a star. It stays like that for a second
or so, then returns to normality.

Other than the things I mentioned here, RB continues to excite me. Add
tag editing and CD burning, and RB will be the best music app I've ever

-- Ted Reed

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