[Rhythmbox-devel] features

I'd like to start by thanking everyone involved in this great project, 
including past developers.  Now I'd suggest some possible improvements 
to Rhythmbox as it currently is.  I know that because I cant develop 
these changes myself there is little hope of them being done any time 
soon, but I hope these suggestions get people thinking.

1.  Multiple selections from within the browser.
Reasoning:  Currently it is only possible to view either all songs in 
the entire Library or a subset by choosing Genre, Artist, Album 
combinations.  There is no way to show only songs from say two artists.

Suggestion:  Allow multiple selection of Genre Artist Album via the use 
of ctrl-clicking in the browser.

2.  Search mechanism from browser list headings.
Reasoning:  Although the search box is usefull for general searching it 
can be too broad.  For example if I wanted to search for an album with 
the word 'work' in it I would currently use the search box and I would 
have displayed all songs with the work 'work' in them even though I was 
just interested in the album with that word.

Suggestion:  Double clicking on on the Genre, Album, Artist list 
headings would bring up a search box that searches only on that type, ie 
Genre, Album or Artist.

Drawback:  Discoverability, how will users know that these headings are 
double-clickable or indeed searchable.  Perhaps we should split the list 
header into two parts with the right being a search button that only 
requires one click for search on?

I know this has been suggested before but here is my take on it.
3.  A "current playlist" list.
Reasoning:  Users can't currently browse the library without interupting 
what will play next.  If I wanted to just play one Genre and then 
continue browsing I can not safely do this as when the song changes it 
will play from where I have currently browsed to.

Suggestion:  Create an 'active playlist' pane/list that is placed on the 
right of the Rhythmbox window similar to the 'Source' list on the left.  
This playlist is operated by adding songs/selections/albums to it.  The 
user could either click on a ">>" type button that lies between the 
browser and the list to add the current selection, or through right 
clicking and choosing the context menu option.  Perhaps context menu 
options could also have 'queue next' and 'queue to end' options.  Also, 
d-n-d would be good too as it would allow users to put their 'selection' 
at any order in the 'active playlist'. When multiple songs (selections) 
are added  they appear in the 'active playlist' as a colapsed tree (with 
some title) that can be expanded to see the actual songs in it.

Those are my thoughts on where I would like to see Rhythmbox improved.  
No doubt there is good and bad in what I have suggested, but I do not 
presume to have the best answers - that is what the community is here to 
build and create.



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