Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] My experiences with

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 21:59, Theodore Reed wrote:

> Upon trying, I'm very pleased to find FLAC working, although it
> doesn't import tag info, so about half of my collection is all under
> Untitled in the browser. Very annoying. (But still more useful than
> Another FLAC related bit is that in the properties, RB claims that my
> FLAC file has "Very Low" quality. Pretty sure that's incorrect. =P 
> It also claims that it's a  64kbps FLAC.... XMMS reports more like
> 500-900.

Both of these are almost certainly due to 
monkey-media/stream-info-impl/flac-stream-info-impl.c not working correctly.
I think Joshua Haberman was working on it at one point, but I'm not sure
how far he got...

> I'm also pleased to see the interface being touched up. Looks nicer and
> is more usable. I can't resize columns, which annoys me

Yeah, that'll be implemented post 0.5.0.

> I'm also annoyed by the two-click DnD thing, but I believe that's been
> fixed in CVS.


> RB also seems a little slow. Scrolling through playlists is somewhat
> ugly.

The slowness is a known bug (119460), it's just a little tricky to fix,
and I don't want to touch a lot more code before 0.5.0.  It'll be pretty
high priority for 0.5.1.

> Clicking on the rating stars does some really weird graphical bugginess.
> Let me try to get a screenshot of it. Yay. (Warning, a naughty word is
> present.) (Another warning: This is my personal machine, as the system
> I usually use for such things seems to be down. Be gentle.)

Yeah, I see this too.  It's definitely annoying.  I presume it's a
GtkTreeView bug, although I'm not sure.  I'll talk to the GtkTreeView
maintainer about it.

> Other than the things I mentioned here, RB continues to excite me. Add
> some
> tag editing and CD burning, and RB will be the best music app I've ever
> used.


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