Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] My experiences with

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 18:59, Theodore Reed wrote:
> The last version I used was net-rb 0.4.8. I stopped using it and went
> back to XMMS when I discovered that it wouldn't load my FLAC files.

Hi, I'm another FLAC user who wants to use Rhythmbox but finds the same
shortcomings you do.

> Upon trying, I'm very pleased to find FLAC working, although it
> doesn't import tag info, so about half of my collection is all under
> Untitled in the browser. Very annoying. (But still more useful than
> Another FLAC related bit is that in the properties, RB claims that my
> FLAC file has "Very Low" quality. Pretty sure that's incorrect. =P 
> It also claims that it's a  64kbps FLAC.... XMMS reports more like
> 500-900.

I submitted a patch a month or two ago fixing both these issues.  I
didn't follow up on it enough to get it accepted but I want to try again
at some point.  In retrospect, the way I coded it originally was bad in
several ways and I know exactly how it needs to be done now, I just need
time to do it.  Unfortunately time is something I'm terribly short of
these days.


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