Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Task request

Quoting Carlos Perelló Marín <>:

> Where should I look for your code?
On my PC at home. :)
I'm still in the process of making sure it really works (that includes testing 
and documentation) and will then post RFCs to the GStreamer developers mailing 
list and after they're ok with it, it'll go in.

> Ok, then, when will rhythmbox depend on GStreamer 0.7?
No idea - if it were for me it would depend on 0.7 since the beginning of 
time. ;)
Definitely not in the 0.5 series though which is due now. For the rest ask 

> If this feature will be delayed for long time, could we backport it to
> GStreamer 0.6 or cut and paste it inside rhythmbox until GStreamer 0.8
> is released?
I think not. It requires quite some changes to GStreamer internals (new events, 
interfaces, new signals) that are not at all wanted in a stable release.


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