[Rhythmbox-devel] a few problems i'm having with rb cvs

this may be a gstreamer issue in general, but i can't play anything
other than iradio in rb... its simply segfaults.  if i run it in debug
mode this is the last thing i get before it segfaults:

[rb_library_pass_on_error] rb-library.c:208 (19:42:46): passing on
[rb_shell_library_error_cb] rb-shell.c:916 (19:42:46): got library
error, showing: FALSE

The other problem i am having... and this is a recent one, cvs less than
a week ago didn't do this... is that .nautilus-xml files i have left
over in directories from setting cover images to my music directories
long ago (gnome 1.4) cause rb to get stuck on them and stop its
recursive loading of a directory.

If i could get rb playing music, i'd be more apt to do some bug hunting,
but i want to make sure my gstreamer setup is working first... i'm using
nyquist gstreamer 0.6.2 rpms currently.

Another good idea before we make a release is to send a prerelease tgz
to the UI Review people.  I've noticed one thing my self, but they see
lots of stuff.

The wizard is very nice, but the last button is not worded very well...
when a user sees "apply" they are not sure what they are to apply at
that point... i think that "Start Rhythmbox" or something like that
would be better suited for that case.
Douglas McMorris <virage83@mail.utexas.edu>

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