[Rhythmbox-devel] State Of The Rhythmbox (v2)


It's been a little over a week since the last SOTR, but a LOT has
happened in between then and now.

I know I said we were in feature freeze, but I couldn't resist adding to
new things.  First, we have a startup druid now, which fixed a
longstanding bug.  Secondly, you can now load playlists from a file
(instead of just adding them to the library), and playlists can now be
saved to .pls format.

We're getting much closer to release, I think.  There are two major bugs
I know of remaining:

119027 - deadlock when deleting iradio stations
119193 - crash when scrolling to playing song

The first is quite easily reproducible.  We could (although it would be
a regression) just disable deletion of iradio stations for 0.5.0, and
push it to 0.5.1.  I have been trying to track down this bug to no

The second bug I've never personally seen, but two people have reported
it, and I'm sure they're not just seeing things.   Unfortunately it
appears to be difficult to reproduce.  Do we want to release despite
this bug?

I am going to try not to do any more major changes in CVS, and just let
people test things and find bugs.  So please please, beat on CVS HEAD,
and report any problems you find, so that 0.5.0 can be a really solid

Thanks, and until the next SOTR...

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