Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a few problems i'm having with rb cvs

On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 20:49, Douglas McMorris wrote:
> this may be a gstreamer issue in general, but i can't play anything
> other than iradio in rb... its simply segfaults.  if i run it in debug
> mode this is the last thing i get before it segfaults:
> [rb_library_pass_on_error] rb-library.c:208 (19:42:46): passing on
> signal
> [rb_shell_library_error_cb] rb-shell.c:916 (19:42:46): got library
> error, showing: FALSE

Hm.  If you could file a bug with a backtrace, that'd help a lot.

> The other problem i am having... and this is a recent one, cvs less than
> a week ago didn't do this... is that .nautilus-xml files i have left
> over in directories from setting cover images to my music directories
> long ago (gnome 1.4) cause rb to get stuck on them and stop its
> recursive loading of a directory.

This is now fixed in CVS.

> If i could get rb playing music, i'd be more apt to do some bug hunting,
> but i want to make sure my gstreamer setup is working first... i'm using
> nyquist gstreamer 0.6.2 rpms currently.

Just as a data point, I personally use gst 0.6.2 from Debian unstable.

> Another good idea before we make a release is to send a prerelease tgz
> to the UI Review people.  I've noticed one thing my self, but they see
> lots of stuff.

Yeah, we'll do this soon I think.

> The wizard is very nice, but the last button is not worded very well...
> when a user sees "apply" they are not sure what they are to apply at
> that point... i think that "Start Rhythmbox" or something like that
> would be better suited for that case.

Well, clicking "Apply" is going to start loading the it
does more conceptually than just starting rb.

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