Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] CD Format

Farmer, Joseph - DFI wrote:

>It would appear that rhythmbox may be running its course.
>Sad.  I have 500+ CDs that I ripped into ogg format.  Very
>hard to manage.  Rhythmbox needs lots of CPU to deal with it.
>I had an idea.  Maybe this will help.  Maybe not.
>First.  I can code.  C is my preferred language but C++ is doable
>in a pinch.
>I was thinking about encoding an entire CD into 1 file.  It would
>take a header and some more information (I've started to look at
>the format) but would be pretty easy.  The tracks would be encoded
>with Flac (default) but Ogg (or any encoder for that matter) would
>be possible.  CD and Track information would be included to "reverse"
>the process and make a CD.  Scans of cover art are allowable.  
>It would take some changes to Rhythmbox to read the format.  I could
>help with that.  Advantage of this is my 500+ CDs would be in 500 files.
>Much easier to tear through that than the thousands of individual files.
>This solution has nothing to do with single tracks.  They have a format
>and would not be addressed.
Sounds good. I've ripped around the same amount of CD's as you, also in 
Ogg. As you say, RB struggles with stability and gets very slow when 
dealing with this amount of tracks. What your proposing sounds like a 
good approach. I'm interested to know though whether after encoding 
(let's say using Ogg for the sake of arguament) it would be possibe to 
split this single file into individual tracks so that other media plyers 
could read them?


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