Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] CD Format

Yeah, without Jorn it's not been as active as we would like.  I've
been trying to get time to do some stuff myself but I haven't been
hitting the source all that much.

Post a patch, I'm sure we'll take an interest.


On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 02:01:18PM -0600, Farmer, Joseph - DFI wrote:
> It would appear that rhythmbox may be running its course.
> Sad.  I have 500+ CDs that I ripped into ogg format.  Very
> hard to manage.  Rhythmbox needs lots of CPU to deal with it.
> I had an idea.  Maybe this will help.  Maybe not.
> First.  I can code.  C is my preferred language but C++ is doable
> in a pinch.
> I was thinking about encoding an entire CD into 1 file.  It would
> take a header and some more information (I've started to look at
> the format) but would be pretty easy.  The tracks would be encoded
> with Flac (default) but Ogg (or any encoder for that matter) would
> be possible.  CD and Track information would be included to "reverse"
> the process and make a CD.  Scans of cover art are allowable.  
> It would take some changes to Rhythmbox to read the format.  I could
> help with that.  Advantage of this is my 500+ CDs would be in 500 files.
> Much easier to tear through that than the thousands of individual files.
> This solution has nothing to do with single tracks.  They have a format
> (Ogg)
> and would not be addressed.
> Comments?
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