Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox interface

Il gio, 2002-11-21 alle 21:00, Jorn Baayen ha scritto: 
> Hi,
> The current Rhythmbox interface isn't very good, and we've been thinking
> about improving it, but it's hard. So some input from you guys would
> rule.
Ok, I'll try :-) 

> Current interface, with it's problems:
> ======================================
> 1. The interface changes when clicking a button in the sidebar, just
> like Evolution. My opinion is that it sucks, badly. I tend to remember
> where items are in the menus, and if they get messed up all the time, I
> get confused.
This in true, partially. Yeah, changing items in menus isn't good, but
sidebar as "music source selector" could be a good metaphor. 

In evo it sucks 'cause you switch between very different sub-apps (IMHO
I like more "email" "addressbook" "task" "calendar" single app in
different windows and a "Summary Page" window). But in music files
playing a list view is the best you can have and you can share it
between library, playlist and cd-audio. In all you can use a list to
show current selected songs: you just need a different way to choose
selected song 'cause lib, playlists and cd are different "source" with
different list handling. 

My little stupid idea is using sidebar whit only 3 or 4 entries:
"Library" "Playlist" "CD Audio" ("Internet Radio"), if we want to use
again sidebar. 

But if don't, we need something to switch, at least, between "Library"
and "Playlist" view. 

> 2. The toolbar with the playback controls and the area with the
> currently playing information are static; they don't change when
> switching between views, and act on the playing view. This is really,
> really confusing. Even though I wrote it, I still find myself being
> dizzy when using it. (Just hiding these wouldnt work either: because it
> still is playing. Or stopping playback is not an option either, since
> you may just want to browse your playlists or do some organization.)
But we need a well visible area whit "current status" :-) 

> 3. It's not obvious how to add songs to groups/playlists. (Right now you
> have to dnd songs from the lib to the sidebar button, or use C&P)
This is the current major difficult in rb, right. And the real kernel to

> 4. Users cannot specify what song to play after the current one.
> Playlists are not enough here; if you are playing from the library, you
> want to be able to say which song is to play next.
mmmhh, groups or playlist should be reorderable, library don't (or just
form title, artist, time... list header), isn't it? 

> Current Ideas:
> ==============
> The view on the left would be the song queue/playlist view.
> The problem with these is that the interface is crowded; I dont think
> it's very clear.

Yeah probably 'cause you put in the same window library and playlist stuffs.
And you have 2 list showing current "playlist". 

Library and Playlist are antithetical and complementary ways to play
songs. Library rocks when you want to find a particular song or you want
to play all song from an album or an artist, playlist (== list of songs
to play) rocks when you want an exact sequence of song with a "personal"
order. xmms interface (== only playlists) sucks 'cause you have to do
pls for _all_ order you wont. Besides a lib only interface has 
limitations: you can only choose "Shuffle".[1] 

So: different way --> needs different interfaces 

Actual rb lib interface is the best we can have: browser + list (+
search entry) enable user to perform all search he wants and see results
in list. So I think we don't have to change Library. 

My idea is add a "Playlists" button in sidebar with a view like: 

____________    _________________________________________ 
| Playlists  |  | Title  |   Artist    | Rating    | Time | 
------------    ----------------------------------------- 
|List1       |  |        |             |           |      | 
|List2       |  |        |             |           |      | 
|List3       |  |        |             |           |      | 
|List4       |  |        |             |           |      | 
|List5       |  |        |             |           |      | 
|List6       |  |        |             |           |      | 
|List7       |  |        |             |           |      | 
 ------------    -----------------------------------------
  |                                                 | 
  |                                                 | 
  +--- a list of all available playlist             | 
               a list of all songs in current pl ---+ 

Or, more simple 'cause you can find all infos in lib and you need to
know only 
____________     ___________________ 
| Playlists  |   | Songs in <List1>  |  
------------     ------------------- 
|List1       |   |                   | 
|List2       |   |                   | 
|List3       |   |                   | 
|List4       |   |                   | 
|List5       |   |                   | 
|List6       |   |                   | 
|List7       |    ------------------- 
 ------------             ^ v         <-- this to order without d'n'd

where song entry is reorderable.

The real trouble is: how can I put a song from library to a playlist?????
mmhhh best prob is: let user find the better way. So we can implement
copy/paste from lib to pl, d'n'd from lib to pl icon in sidebar,
rgclick->Add to playlist-> |  New  | 
                           |list 1 |
                           |list 2 |
and, finally, something like a file selector using library order... but
it's too much expensive.... 

Finally, but just 'cause now I've other activities, a stupid glade
design: main windows with just player area (as actual: info about
current track) and source selector + current songs and secondary windows
(Library, Playlist...) where you can adjust things and select current

[1] BTW: lib is the best if you have ripped album, but a little
"overloaded" if you have just downloaded mp3 :-) 


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