Created gnome-build-meta repository

Hi Release Team,

I've put up the converted and slightly touched up project last night

Release team members should add themselves as maintainers to the doap
file in this repo.

Also I've updated the URL and made some other changes to the newcomers
wiki page:

We should now stop using the modulesets in JHBuild for the releases,
and the gnome-modulesets repo on which held the
automated conversion results, will also be discontinued.

Another announcement to d-d-l will be sent out at the same time as this


PS: About having "Master" status for new repo which we maintain

Contrary to the public instance, members with Developer
status are allowed to push to protected branches (i.e. "master" or
stable branches we've marked as protected).

By default, GNOME committers will have Developer status.

Some privileged activities still however require "Master" status,
release team members can ask Javier or Carlos Soriano or myself and one
of us will grant you the additional permissions.

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