g-s-t rename to gnome-themes-extra


I’ve already asked this on IRC and got a positive response, but for the sake of linkability and having it officially I’m asking again, here.

With the switch to GitLab I would like to rename gnome-themes-standard to gnome-themes-extra. There are multiple reasons for this:

1. It does not contain any standard theme.
2. The ‘standard’ part attracts unrelated bug reports, e.g. for the GTK+ 3 themes or general design issues; the rename would clear this confusion. 3. The name suggests it is essential for the functioning of GNOME, which (AFAIK) is not the case.

Currently it houses the GTK+ 2 themes, HC themes and Adwaita-dark as a separate theme. I don’t think it needs seperation into multiple modules, all the things fit the name and it’s simplier, and it also provides a place for other theme-y tidbits not needing a separate module.

And so, I ask of your permission.

I hope I answered any questions raised, if not, ask away :-)

Juraj [eurai]

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