Re: BuildStream - Next Steps

On Sun, 2018-01-07 at 20:52 -0600, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
Are we ready to stop the automatic conversion from JHBuild modulesets 
to BuildStream? I don't think we need to wait until February for that, 

We need to keep the conversions going until the cutoff for JHBuild
modulesets, but indeed, instead of giving it another month, we could do
it pretty much right away and it will allow us to clean up a bit more.

We did announce the cutoff to not happen until end of 2017 and to occur
well in advance of next stable release, so I dont think there is any
problem with doing it this week.

I suggest taking over 
and replacing the JHBuild modulesets there with BuildStream. Then you 
can announce that moduleset changes should be sent there instead of to 

We do need a Bugzilla component, though.

I have only a couple of minor issues with this:

 o The word "moduleset" is an artifact of JHBuild terminology that I
   would rather not carry forward.

   JHBuild has "modulesets" which are files which include eachother.
   BuildStream has "projects" composed of a project.conf and
   element.bst files.

   Alternative names I can think of:
   - gnome
   - gnome-build
   - gnome-release

   Thoughts on any of these alternative names ? Other suggestions ?

 o We only need a Bugzilla product if we are not going to start
   using the gitlab instance right away, and if we start using gitlab
   right away then we can also start experimenting with running GNOME
   builds in gitlab CI quite easily.

   Lets go with gitlab, it should also serve as a motivator to lend
   our support with the initiative; in the very worst case if the
   gitlab migration is rejected then we will have to move it over
   but I really hope we get this migration done.


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