Re: Moduleset review

OK, I spent some (rather more than expected) time on this today putting
together a proposal.

I pushed a wip/mcatanzaro/core-apps branch of jhbuild. Please take a
look. If you don't like it then I am going to be embarrassed at how
long I spent alphabetizing the modules. :)

On Sun, 2016-01-17 at 18:49 +0000, Allan Day wrote:
 * Help the GNOME project focus, and help contributors to understand
the layout of the project, by providing a common organisation which
reflects our priorities and direction. (This implies that
will be exposed to the moduleset definitions, through the
of, Bugzilla, etc. This goal won't be reached if no one
sees the modulesets.

To help us focus, I also propose a special metamodule in core, GNOME
Incubator. Incubator is for apps that we have decided belong in core,
but are just not good enough to have installed by default -- yet. We
should encourage the community to focus on developing the apps in
incubator as priority projects, direct some organizational/design
resources towards making sure they have inviting wiki pages, easily-
accessible roadmaps, clear instructions on how to build and get
started, visible contact people for newcomers, etc. I'd also suggest
directing GSoC students to consider these applications specially for
project proposals. I plan to blog about this to churn up some interest.

I propose:

 * anjuta: apps -> world
 * empathy: core -> apps
 * gedit: apps -> core (conditional on desktop file debranding)
 * gnome-boxes: apps -> core
 * gnome-clocks: apps -> core
 * gnome-color-manager: apps -> core
 * gnome-dictionary: apps -> core
 * gnome-documents: apps -> core
 * gnome-maps: apps -> core
 * gnome-weather: apps -> core

And for Incubator:

 * bijiben: apps -> core (incubator)
 * epiphany: core -> core (incubator)
 * gnome-chat: world -> core (incubator)
 * gnome-music: apps -> core (incubator)
 * gnome-news: world -> core (incubator)
 * gnome-photos: apps -> core (incubator)

I didn't want to add too many, so as not to dilute our focus. This is
just an initial proposal; we could decide to have fewer apps to help
focus, e.g. by cutting out gnome-chat and gnome-news, which are still
quite immature, or by not demoting Epiphany, or by saying bijiben
cannot enter core until it drops the WebKit1 dependency.

Note that I'm also trying to be realistic about what distros are
shipping, and the quality of the app relative to its competition. GNOME
Music has to be better than GNOME Weather because GNOME Weather does
not have to compete with Rhythmbox, for instance. Same for Epiphany vs.

I omit Calendar from incubator because, trying it out today, it feels
surprisingly ready for prime time. That's what I thought about Music
and Photos too, though, so correct me if this is nuts....


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