Considering gedit for GNOME core

Hi gedit developers,

On the release-team mailing list, we've been revisiting our moduleset
definitions, with the goal of defining a clear set of core apps that
form the default experience in GNOME, and another set of non-core apps
that follow the HIG and are awesome but are not installed by default.
Some of the benefits to this are discussed at [1].

Currently gedit is not in core, but basically all distributors are
including it in the default experience anyway. It seems quite desirable
for gedit to be in core; I give some reasons for this at [2]. It's not
absolutely required -- we could easily throw together a simple
previewer or editor to serve this role -- but I think it would be much
nicer to have gedit.

One issue is that we want all core apps to have unbranded, generic
names in the desktop file; this is to distinguish core apps from other
applications. Currently gedit is the only application that we would
like to see in core which would really need to be renamed to be
included. I see at [3] this was considered in the past. My request is
to change the name in the desktop file to "Text Editor" or something
along those lines, like Ubuntu does.

De-branding the about dialog is encouraged but *not required* for gedit
to be a core app.

Thanks for considering this request,



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