GNOME Color Manager

Hi Richard,

We've been doing a review of GNOME modulesets on the release team list,
trying to decide what belongs in core and should be installed by
default. gnome-color-manager is currently not in core, but it is
"required" by gnome-control-center, so we are very likely going to move
it to core.

I notice each desktop file has either NoDisplay=true or
NotShowIn=GNOME. (This is good, since we don't want the app itself to
be user visible.) But it does have an appdata file, so it appears in
GNOME Software and can be uninstalled there, even though it doesn't
show up in the overview. That is not good. Should the appdata file be
removed, or should it be blacklisted in GNOME Software? Could you
please take care of this?

I'm also planning to add a Recommends: gnome-color-manager to the
Fedora control-center package, since I notice that is missing.



P.S. On a related note, we need to decide what to do with these bugs;
please check them out:

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