Re: Moduleset review

Rather than respond to Allan's whole mail, I will just say I agree with
it in general.

Regarding focus, we can talk separately about the best apps to focus
developers towards. Right now, I think Music and Photos are probably
the highest-priority, probably followed by Web. It would be really nice
to have Chat and Mail as well, and Feeds/News, but let's focus first on
what we already have....


Isn't this superceded by Boxes?

That was the goal, but Boxes cannot yet handle RDP and it seems nobody
is working on this feature, so vinagre is still required for remoting
in to Windows machines. Still, vinagre is not currently in core, and I
see no reason to move it there. It's just something we've always
shipped in Fedora, and haven't gotten rid of yet.

It might be worth asking what our requirements are for text files out
of the box. Do we require a text editor to be installed by default,
do we just require the ability to view a text file? Do we want
something super simple, or should it be more capable?

I suppose it's not strictly required to have an editor, in that uses
could always install text editors with Software, and we don't really
expect users to receive or edit plain text files.

But I think it is worthwhile to include (unbranded) gedit. It's one of
our most-robust, highest-quality applications; it has a modern UI
following the latest HIG; it's simultaneously simple to use and
surprisingly capable; and whatever our target audience, most of our
current users are technically-minded and will be installing a text
editor first thing if we don't include one.


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