Cheese is now a core app

Hi David,

On the release-team mailing list, we're trying to clean up the GNOME
modulesets. We moved Cheese from apps to core because it's required by
gnome-control-center, gnome-initial-setup, and gnome-contacts. We are
going to recommend to downstreams that non-core GNOME apps should not
be installed by default, so Cheese belongs in core.

One of our requirements for core apps is that desktop files have
generic, unbranded names. Cheese is really borderline; at first I
thought we should change it, but now I am thinking it is OK (it's the
thing you say in a photo booth, and it's supposed to be a fun app), so
I don't think it necessarily needs to be changed... but you might or
might not want to do so anyway. Consider "Photo Booth" or "Webcam" or
something. You could still brand it as Cheese in the about dialog
regardless of whether you do this or not.



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