Re: UI freeze exception

Hi Razvan, Carlos,

I would like to ask for an UI freeze exception for the integration of
compressed files support in Nautilus:,

The main added UI elements are context menu items for extraction and
compression and also a dialog for creating archives:
Context menu items for extraction
Compression dialog

Since 2013 we have been trying to include this feature in Nautilus. Now as a
Google Summer of Code we just finished it together with support from the
autoar library. We think it's the best moment to release this work and keep
the engage and improvements on autoar coming to help us define a final
public API. Also, we coordinated with the file roller maintainer and agreed
on removing the Nautilus extension from the file-roller repository for this

I'll be fine with this; but I have to note Nautilus didn't get any
3.21. release yet, and getting a first development release at 3.21.91
is way too late.


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