UI freeze exception


We have been working on GSoC for batch renaming project for Nautilus. We just finished on making sure the experience is great and I would like to ask for a UI freeze exception to include it in the 3.22 release.

The bug report where the work and the review has been done is in: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=768311

This feature allows to rename multiple files at once and it also uses metadata to provide more useful names.

The UI added is the dialog that is shown when the users starts a batch renaming operation:

The batch renaming code is isolated so the changes doesn't affect the other parts of Nautilus, which makes it safe in case a regular user of Nautilus finds a problem with it. We tested that the actual batch rename of the files and the undo operation work correctly which are the most critical parts in case something goes wrong.

At this point the code still needs some polishing, which will be done in the following week.

Alexandru Pandelea

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