Non-GNOME Maps application using maps


So we got GNOME Maps working again. With the help from Mapbox.
Mapbox also told us that the first approach we took, using as
a redirect was not ok. So we switched to downloading  json file that tells us
where the tile server is. And keep a local default file as well.

People have been asking me about other applications.
Such as GNOME Contacts and Evolution(?).
I do not know what the best way forward for other applications are.
Unfortunately. Maybe they can do something similar as Maps.
Or maybe their use is so much smaller that just asking OpenStreetMap
for permission to use their tile servers directly is ok. That way
the solution could be much simpler.

But the thing is. I do not really have the time to drive this issue.
Updating Maps took me weeks. Even though the actual coding
and releasing was done pretty quickly once it was decided
what we should do. I just didn't have the computer time.
And I do not have the free time to take lead in fixing the other map
using applications. I would love to help out though.

Do you guys know who the relevant maintainers are for
contacts and Evolution? And do you know in what way
Evolution uses maps?

Thank you

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