Re: late coming features

Hi all,

On 16/02/2015, Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org> wrote:
Hi Matthias,


Lastly, there is the notification redesign that Florian has
implemented. This is a major, user-visible change, and _needs_ to go
into .90.

I'm fairly confident that we'll ge the codec install merging done
today, but gnome-shell may need an extra day or so to sort out the
branches. Given that we've already punted on the notification redesign
once, I think we should try to get this in for 3.16.

I've put the documentation team in copy as the notification redesign
at least will require quite a serie of changes to gnome-help and
gnome-getting-started-docs (there's a "respond to message" animation
in there).

We are past the UI freeze and closing in on the string freeze at this
point. When is it expected for the notification changes to land? If
they are delayed much longer, the documentation is unlikely to be
updated in time for the release as there are other changes which also
need to be documented and they will take priority as they were made on

From a documentation point of view, I do not think it is appropriate
to make such major changes so late.

Thank you for CCing the docs team, Fred. It is good to be kept in the loop.

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