Re: late coming features

Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:

OK, we have a meeting hopefully either today or tomorrow and I will
alert the engagement team regarding this and that we should promote
the 3.15.90 release for public consumption.  WIth your permission I
will post on Reddit and other social media as well so we have a wide

Any preferences on images?  GNOME Continuous + GNOME Boxes or can
Matthias or Ray build an image for people to use?

Well, last time I heard the continuous image was broken, I had simply
expected people to use their distribution packages.  I don't know how
easy it is to produce a fedora live iso with 3.15 versions.

Such fixes will obviously be accepted by the team.

Thanks for answering my questions.. What instructions should I give
the community regarding filing bugs?  I assume there is a specific
procedure? I'd like to document that as well.

Nope, no specific instructions, it will work to just file bugs against
gnome-shell, like any other day.


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