Re: Release Team Meeting: Sunday Nov 23, 19UTC [cancelled]

On 23/11/14 20:22, Frederic Peters wrote:
Frederic Peters wrote:
Let's not wait anymore, only Javier, Matthias and I did complete the
doodle, and there's only one time that would work, so I picked it.

  Sunday, November 23rd, 19UTC
Reminder, this is today.


Andre, Matthias, and I were there but that's not enough for a meeting :/

  <andre_> we so suck in getting folks together :(

as one of the guilties one. Basically for me any date proposed was bad,
but I didn't want to affect the rest of the people. In general, right
now weekends are really complex to me. Now I think that Im wrong and I
should be more vocal about that. Sorry about that.

Then there was two other points, processes (feature reviews,
resurrecting module proposal?) and team membership, they ought to be

Just jumped in on the disccusion about 3.16 Target Bugs.


Alejandro Piñeiro (apinheiro igalia com)

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