Initial List of 3.16 Target Bugs

Hi all,

I've been busy putting together a list of target bugs for 3.16. You
can see them here:;query_format=advanced;bug_status=UNCONFIRMED;bug_status=NEW;bug_status=ASSIGNED;bug_status=REOPENED;bug_status=NEEDINFO

Keeping the list to a manageable size is an obvious challenge, so I've
been focusing on a subset of bugs for this initial round. This

 * The most serious/visible bugs - those bugs that really irritate
and/or detract from the overall experience in a significant way.
 * Basic content presentation - making sure that lists and grids of
content items look nice, and are loaded smoothly and neatly.
 * Out of the box experience - so that we make a good first impression.

So far there are around 20 bugs. Let me know if you think that number
is about right. We could always add more (I have a wiki page with some
candidates [1]).

Please take a moment to look over the list, and add any bugs that you
think should be on there. I'll share the list with d-d-l once the
Release Team is happy with it.



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