Re: Release Team Meeting: Sunday Nov 23, 19UTC

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 09:23:05AM +0100, Frederic Peters wrote:
Hi all,

So lets try again ;)

Let's not wait anymore, only Javier, Matthias and I did complete the
doodle, and there's only one time that would work, so I picked it.

  Sunday, November 23rd, 19UTC

Oops, completely missed this thread! I cannot attend due to travels, but
also very busy, so..

Possible agenda:

- Release 3.16 schelude & assignments
- Review 3.16 "gnome-target" bugs (both set by maintainers and Alan)
- New features review
- New moduleset organization
- Anything you think is important

- we should really implement the "module approval" process again and
  finish the process that Alan suggested

- I do shit all for release team except trying to get a feel for what
  distributions + *BSD are doing, highlighting issues and trying to
  speak on behalf of "GNOME". I cannot attend myself, but is this felt
  useful? I'm wondering if not to step out so new blood can come in.
  Totally open to any feedback.


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