Re: Freeze exceptions for gnome-maps

On Sun, 2014-08-24 at 13:04 -0300, Damián Nohales wrote:
There is another feature part of GSoC that I want to propose to the
freeze exception

For future reference, separate emails for separate requests are very
recommended. The thread feels already noisy to me (which might decrease
your chances to get replies).

which is the ability to check-in in Facebook and
Foursquare, this also comes with an exception for
gnome-online-accounts, for the inclusion of Foursquare backend, there
were some communication issues between us which avoid to create the
official GNOME Foursquare application in time.

How much has this new check-in functionality received testing, and by
how many people? 
Was this developed in a separate branch, or were the "basics" for this
functionality already included in previous 3.13.x tarballs?

The bugs in BZ are:

gnome-maps: Add Check-In feature
This one adds about 27 new translatable strings (some are optionals,
which are name and descriptions of new GSettings options)

gnome-online-accounts: Add Foursquare support

The patches have not received any reviews yet by another pair of eyes.
Personally I'd expect them to be in "accepted-commit_after_freeze"
status after another maintainer's review, before r-t takes a look.

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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