Re: working on a bigger proposal

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 08:57:21AM -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
But you mean work only on Wayland, or on Wayland as well as xorg?

That question has different answers, depending on what you mean.

Support for X applications is not going away.

I know that Wayland supports X applications.

The Intel team is fairly confident that they can keep X and Wayland
working in parallel in mutter, so we should be able to have a 3.10
gnome-shell release that lets you try Wayland, but still defaults to
using X underneath. I'm not so sure we want to maintain two code paths
indefinitely, though

That is what I am after. Do you know how long we should support this
minimally for distributions?

e.g. for conservative distribution POV (Debian FTW!)
3.10: Wayland = 'alpha'
3.12: Wayland = 'beta'
3.14: Wayland = 'release'
3.16: xorg = alpha :P

I prefer being honest up front towards distributions.

For scattered other X dependencies in the stack, I think it will be
hard to keep parallel code paths working, so certain things may stop
working under X when they get ported to Wayland.

Would be good to have some sort of advice for distributions who want to
support multiple DE at the same time. With that I mean that they might
have KDM+GDM on the same DVD.

IMO ok to push technology forward, though some people really need those
binary drivers. We never got much GNOME-specific support for making
binary drivers work nicely with GNOME IMO.

The wiki has some more details.

Looks pretty great already. Let's push asap :)


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