working on a bigger proposal

Hi, just to give you a heads-up: I want to propose that we should make
GNOME work on Wayland.

We (me, Owen, Jasper and some others) met with krh last week and
talked about this idea at some length. I've put the resulting
information on the wiki here:

So far, we've silently assumed that Wayland is the future display
system on Linux, and that we will get to using it eventually. This
hackfest proposal from last year shows that we've been eyeing this
direction for a while: (even if it
didn't happen at that time). The recent Mir announcement makes it a
bit more urgent that we put our weight behind Wayland and help it
reach its full potential. Doing this also fits our mandate from last
Guadec to set stronger technical directions.

"Gnome on Wayland" is a bit too big for getting it done in one cycle,
which is why I want to propose that we aim for doing it in two cycles
- by the fall, have gnome-shell optionally work as a Wayland
compositor, and have the gtk backend substantially complete - by next
spring, have a complete port of all desktop functionality. Making
applications run natively can happen independently at its own speed -
we will support X clients transparently.

Let me know what you think

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