Meeting minutes Fosdem 2013

As usual we had a short r-t come-together at Fosdem.
Nobody really took meeting notes. Likely I have forgotten something, or
even remember something wrong. Please add/correct.
Rumors state that we have a video though. :)

== Attendees ==
* andre
* bkor
* fredp
* jjardon
* walters
* desrt (guest / mascott)

= Membership changes =
* no plans of members to leave
* still considering extending the team by one person and 
  discussions about potential candidates, but no urgency

= a11y =
* clutter-gtk use - no good a11y support, but seems to be only 
  used by gnome-documents and cheese (via gnome-control-center).

= GnomeGoals = 
* Python: distros will also have to ship older version anyway, 
  hence no urgency to push forward
* libgee, libsecret: all parallel-installable, nothing urgent

= Classic mode in 3.8 =
* gnome-shell-extensions: not entirely clear if official module or 
  not; expected to be packaged by distros or not?
* How well will classic mode be tested compared to default mode?
* ACTION: andre: Contact marketing, rel-notes writers, relevant 
  developers to agree on coherent marketing message 
  (but whoever is faster and has time, please go ahead!)

= Freeze request handling in Bugzilla =
* once upon a time [1] proposed to move it from emails to Bugzilla
* not clear if still wanted by anybody else, or if current system 
  via email is "acceptable" enough by involved parties (requester, 
  r-t, docs team, l10n team)
* reconsider in early 3.9, too late for 3.7

== longer-term (2 or 3 years) plan for GNOME? ==
* there is no strong message about recommended gtk, glib, 
  gstreamer versions for a specific GNOME release, 
  having a potential SDK in mind

== r-t meetings communication channel and style ==
* Does IRC work well for everybody (logging; time spent for a 
  meeting), or should something like Google Hangout at least 
  be considered (preferably some free service if existing)?
  If so, must make sure that anybody interested can easily join.


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